About Splash UNC

Splash UNC is an educational enrichment program that lets intellectually curious high school students explore new subjects in classes taught by students of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Splash students get a taste of college by spending a day on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus and have the opportunity to discover new interests in short, fun classes about anything from neuroscience to origami. All courses are developed and taught by UNC-Chapel Hill students like yourself.

The Splash program was created by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1957 so they could make a difference in their community by sharing their knowledge and creativity with local high school students. The program has since grown to over 20 universities in 10 states. Splash UNC hosted 80 students at its first program in Spring 2015. At its most recent program, Splash UNC hosted almost 500 students.

The ultimate goal of Splash UNC is to impart students with a love of learning in a stress free, dynamic, and fun atmosphere. The program aims to expand the academic horizons of high school students through fun classes that emphasize the passion and enthusiasm of our student teachers. We hope to encourage young adults from North Carolina and beyond to explore their interests and engage their curiosities, and in doing so, develop a genuine love of learning. We are strong believers that the pursuit of knowledge can be contagious and that our student teachers and volunteers can make a genuine difference in the lives of our Splash students.

About Volunteering for Splash UNC

As a volunteer, you play one of the most important roles in the organization. The day will be busy and exciting and we will need all the hands we can get. Volunteering for Splash is as much of a commitment as you would like it to be. You do not need to volunteer for the entire day and the commitment is not recurring. Just sign up for your desired time slots and come join us.

As a volunteer, your job could include:

  • Welcoming students and parents to campus and directing them to check-in
  • Helping the Splash UNC Administrative Team with the morning check-in process for students
  • Facilitating class changes
  • Helping teachers with setup
  • Cleaning up after walk-in activities and classes
  • Leading campus tours
  • Directing parents and students between locations
  • Answering questions from parents and students

All volunteers also receive a free t-shirt and breakfast and lunch during the program. We can also sign any paperwork if you need proof of participation to receive service hours.

Lead a Walk-in Activity

Walk-in activities are fun, educational activities that Splash UNC students can take if they have an open slot in their schedule, a class is unexpectedly cancelled, or they decide a class they signed up for is no longer for them. Students can join the activity at any time during the class period. Students do not register for walk-in activities in advance, but they are still well attended and students love them.

Walk-in activities can include:

  • Origami making
  • Documentary movie showings
  • Paper airplane making competition
  • Campus tours

If you are interested in leading a walk-in activity for the day, please contact the Splash UNC administrative team directly.

Become a Volunteer

If you have time after your Splash class ends or you have a gap between times that you are teaching, we encourage you to volunteer. Extra help is always appreciated to set up classes, help students find their way from class to class, or set up lunch. More information about volunteering can be found here.


Check our FAQ for volunteers or contact us.